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Out Of Control Murder Two Hunks Chloroformed Then Strangled On The Bed At The Same Time


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Two hunks are chloroformed in their apartment. They are tied up and placed on a bed, without clothes they look helpless and pathetic. A strange man enters the room, he paces calmly over to the young victims and then begins to brutally strangle each one of them with a cord. He chokes each of them until he is satisfied and then moves to the next. Each of the young victim's desperately kick out their bare feet as they try to break free. They are choked again and again, their necks becoming red and sore. They choke and splutter as the life is throttled out of them. Eventually, they cannot take anymore of the torture and slowly, each of them dies. The cord digging deep into their necks and strangling out their final breaths of air. Each of them dies with their eyes wide open and their mouth gaping. Their limbs flop limply to the side and their feet drop to the end of the bed. The killer then touches their bodies, moving their hands, and arms. The two bodies lay dead together, half naked in their underwear and motionless.

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