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Pablo Chloroforms And Ties Up His Fellow Runner BF To Steal His Shoes And Clothes

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BF came back from a long run and he is taking some time to rest when Pablo joins him and notices BF's running shoes, Pablo fancies them and he wants to try them on, but BF refuses to tell him that there is no way he will get to put on or even touch his favorite running shoes, but Pablo is not satisfied, he comes back with a rag with chloroform, and while BF has his guard down, Pablo puts the rag over his face and presses it so that BF inhales the poisonous fumes. The big guy was caught by surprise and the shakes and tries to move away, but the chloroform is taking its toll on him and knocks him out. Once out, Pablo tapes BF's mouth and binds his wrists together, once sure that he won't move, he proceeds to slowly strip BF from his sporty clothes and shoes; BF wakes up to find Pablo putting on his gear and even his socks and shoes as well, he protests but he can't do anything. As a last act of mockery, Pablo tells BF that he give him his sandals, leaving BF, tied up and unable to call for help. DISCLAIMER: This film has NO death scene.

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