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Ray Chloroforms And Strangles Mike After Being Bullied By The Muscle Guy

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Ray works hard, so he gets really bumped when Mike comes along and asks him for money to the point of almost demanding it, being much bigger, muscular and stronger than Ray, Mike chokes Ray unconscious and takes his wallet. When Ray comes around he is mad at Mike, but he knows he can't take him down, so he uses a rag with chloroform to weaken and knock out the big guy, with a lot of effort he drags his body to the couch where he takes off his clothing leaving him only in his underwear, impressed by his big muscles there is no turning back for him now and prepares to strike as soon as Mike comes around, and when he does Ray wraps a cord around his thick neck and pull with all his might, Mike i still confused doe to the knock out and even though he is big and strong, he can't do anything against the vicious attack from Ray and finally dies in his arms.

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