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Scotty Worships And Punches Really Hard Adam's Solid Abs And Belly Button

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Scotty has been having some problems with his kitchen light and calls Adam to help him out with it. When the hunk shows up, he's wearing a cropped top, exposing his chiseled abs and perfect belly button, something that Scotty couldn't stop staring at, and while Adam was fixing the light, Scotty offered to hold him steady, but that gave him the opportunity to finger his belly button and feel directly his solid abs. When Adam is done Scotty asks him if he could take a look at his coffee table, but that was just to have another opportunity to feel his navel and core; while doing it, Scotty compliments and tells Adam that he could take a good amount of punches in his perfectly trained abs, but Adam dismiss it and declines; Scotty is persistent and persuasive as at the end Adam agreed to put his abs to the test, he takes off his shirt and Scotty doesn't wait, he punches Adam in the gut and in the belly button without warning, Adam gasps and moans in pain, when he thinks that it's been enough Scotty grabs him by the throat pinning him to the wall, punching and choking him at the same time; Scotty punches the hunk over and over, until Adam loses consciousness. While laying on the floor, Scotty takes the screwdriver and use it to pierce Adams Belly button, pushing the handle deep into it, twisting and jamming it as far as he can manage, Adam wakes up in pain, moaning and screaming due to the torturous actions that Scotty is taking on him; the pain is so great that he can't take it anymore and loses consciousness...or maybe he died on the spot, Scotty is not sure, but what he is certain off, is that he wants to keep playing, he caresses Adam's abs, they are still hard and perfect, so he takes off his shoes and stomps him several times, but he prefers the direct approach, so he punches him in the belly button over, and over, and over...

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