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Soldier Is Strung Up, Chloroformed, Electrocuted And Stabbed

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A soldier is hung from beams, he is interrogated. He chokes, it is hard for him to answer because the rope is so tight on his neck. His ruthless captor tortures him, first he chloroforms him with a rag, his eyes roll back into his head and his breathing becomes strained and weak. The killer steps away and thinks of a way to inflict even more agony, he decides to apply metal clips to his bare victim's feet, gripping the metal teeth into his toes. He applies an electric current, it causes the young soldier's body to convulse in pain and shock. He is fading, his eyes rolling. He is in a dazed state and cannot fight back. The killer then draws a blade, he rams it into the victim's gut and pushes it in deeper and deeper. The victim lets out gasps of pain, as he begins to fade into death. The killer removes the blade and savors his kill, he steps away from the scene leaving the dead body hanging lifeless and bloody.

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