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The Mortician's Apprentice

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The Mortician is here … you may know him as Dr Z. The crazed and obsessed medical lunatic who stalks and murders young male victims across the states. He is growing tired and older everywhere and he is starting to feel the strain. He needs help, he needs an assistant. Dr Z hires a new young protege to teach and help him, no retirement for this doctor. He teaches the new student about his ways and methods. The student arrives and is chloroformed by the doctor to test his devotion to his cause. He is then stripped but suddenly a young victim appears in the surgery and Dr Z chloroforms him while the apprentice distracts the victim. They strip him naked and investigate his body. Dr Z then brutally murders the victim. He then preps his body, washing it and touching it all over. The young student appears, he follows the steps of his teacher and master. He washes over his dead body and touches it. His urges grow and then he rapes the body, Dr Z steps in and catches him after he climaxes, suddenly the body stirs and Dr Z has to finish the job, killing the young victim with his hands around his throat before the victim can escape. Dr Z steps away from the body, He is disgusted that his pupil would defile his prize before he could, if only that stupid kid waited. Dr Z is overcome with rage, he cannot trust anyone. He snaps and strangles the apprentice to death with his hand. Dr Z strips him and then washes over his body too … he then rapes his apprentice's body, no point letting a young corpse go to waste is there?

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All models were 18 and over at the time of the creation of such depictions

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