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Chad and Jake return in this extended, cinematic adventure. A twisted story like nothing else released by Best Deaths, this film features the most extreme material yet. Chad and Jake are trying to break into a house off a rural road in New Jersey, the two punks think it's a really funny idea to mess with someone's stuff but little do they know that their neighbor is an insane and twisted killer. He chloroforms the two young men on his porch as they try to break in and then drags their unconscious bodies into his home. They are placed on the bed, tied up. The killer begins to remove his victim's clothing, taking off Chad and Jake's pants, socks and shirts. Chad awakens, he tries to call out but is immediately silenced by the killer. The killer continues his twisted fantasy, touching their underwear and exposing Jake's genitals and Chad's rear. The scene fades, it cuts to the killer drinking and brandishing a blade as he looks at his two victims who are now tied to chairs facing their killer. He taunts them, toying with them a knife. The killer removes his tank top and then continues to threaten Chad and Jake, they threaten and get angry with their killer who then escalates his fantasy by hand strangling the two victims repeatedly. He chokes them, wrapping his hands tightly around their necks as they gag and splutter. The killer then wraps a rope around Chad's neck and strangles him brutally, Chad twists and turns and tries to break free, he begs but the killer is relentless. He then ties the rope, moving onto Jake. The two victims sit and choke and splutter as they are strangled to death by the ropes wrapped around their throats. Both of them die in their chairs, urinating their underwear. The killer talks about his victims, taunting their dead bodies. He puts the bodies on the bed and removes their soiled underwear, smelling and touching them before proceeding to rape the dead bodies violently. The killer finishes in Jake's dead body, he then grabs the underwear and washes them in a pot. Afterwards he sits with a box of underwear, smelling them and playing with them… he is a killer with many victims, all of them hot, young hunks like Chad and Jake. Suddenly he steps up, covered in sweat, drunk and covered in underwear… he looks out of the window. Another victim has come to play.

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