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Two London Flatmates Are Stripped And Hand Strangled By Russian Thug Who Then Washes And Toe Tags The Bodies


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Two London flatmates are relaxing in their shared apartment, the first victim is watching porno on his TV. He removes his clothing and watches with a smile on his face, behind him is an attacker. He chloroforms the student victim who lashes out in panic. He lets out muffled cries but it's useless, the fumes are strong and he passes out in his chair. The attacker drags his body away. It cuts to the second victim who is laying in his underwear reading letters from his utilities company, he is also attacked from behind by a different attacker. He is chloroformed with a rag, he writhes and twists. His eyes are wide in shock and horror, slowly he inhales the fumes and passes out on the couch. His socks are removed exposing his bare feet and he is carried away too. The two victims awaken, tied back to back on a bed. There sits a hulk of a man, a giant russian thug who smiles and touches their bodies. He then wraps his giant hands around the two student's throats and begins to strangle them. He squeezes hard, the two students kick out their bare feet and desperately try to escape. The killer lets go, the two victims choke and cough, they cry and beg. The russian thug strangles them again and again, each time crushing them tighter. Eventually one of the victim's dies and his eyes roll, the final victim is then strangled to death and their limb bodies are toyed with by the giant hunk. The bodies are then taken away and washed and toe tagged.

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