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Underwear Model Gut Punched, Strangled, Touched Stabbed And Shot In The Gut

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An underwear model is kidnapped and taken to an unknown location. He is placed on a bed, riddled with drugs he is unable to move. The killer sits with the young victim and begins to touch his body. The young model begins to awaken, the killer then gut punches him multiple times and with each hit the body of the victim's pulses. The killer then strangles him with a tight cord, the torture is intense as the unfortunate victim flails his limbs and pushes his pelvis up to escape. No matter how much he kicks out his bare feet or twists his body and pelvis, he is unable to get himself out. The killer then draws a knife and stabs his victim in his bare, exposed stomach. The victim passes out, he is hovering on the edge of death. His eyes are fixed open and his breathing is slow. The killer touches his body and manipulates his body and then gets up. He draws a gun and scans it over the victim's body. He sticks the gun in his navel and shoots him multiple times. Each shot sends a ripple of movement through the dying man. He eventually stops moving, having been completely killed by the gun shots to his gut. The killer leaves the body laying sprawled and motionless.

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All models were 18 and over at the time of the creation of such depictions

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