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NACHO’s job brings him a lot of perverse pleasure. He’s an interrogator and his job is breaking men down. His methods are a mix of violence and humiliation. The less his superiors know about his methods the better. Whether the results are a confession or extorting military secrets, Nacho is always successful. But this unbroken record of success has led to a fatal flaw. OVER CONFIDENCE! This time he is so sure he has broken his victim of any will to resist him, he gets careless. The prisoner springs to life! In the ensuing struggle each man maneuvers to get a death grip on the other’s throat. It ends when the prisoner snaps Nacho’s neck. He’ll then use Nacho’s corpse to send a message to Nacho’s superiors protesting the interrogator’s cruel and unusual tactics. What he then proceeds to do with his fresh killed trophy will bring him a taste of, you guessed it, PERVERSE PLEASURE!

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