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What Did You Do To Me

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Trooper ZAK feels a sudden, sharp, stabbing pain spreading across the back of his neck. He can’t see the hypo needle that is pumping a killer tranquilizer into his bloodstream. As ZAK feels himself sinking into unconsciousness he pleads to know, “WHAT DID YOU DO TO ME?” There is no answer. ZAK tries to repeat his question but the drug has fried his brain. He is dimly aware that his body is being carefully posed on a sort of slab, not unlike the ones they use in the morgue. He feels his uniform being stripped away, his boots and socks yanked off. If he could focus, Trooper ZAK would see that the slab is positioned under a giant video screen. He can’t process the terrible truth, which is…..Trooper ZAK is about to be auctioned off on the world wide web to the highest bidder. The auctioneer whispers in his ear, “You wanted to know what happened to a certain missing biker boy, the kid with the bright ginger hair? Well, I’m going to show you…..RIGHT NOW.”

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