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Two Boyfriends Strangled In Their Underwear By Home Invader


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A young couple are relaxing in their apartment, one of them is showering and the other is on the phone. He is talking to his friend and suddenly he is attacked by a jealous stranger who chokes him from behind with leather gloves. The victim is in shock, he tries to call out but he cannot. He gasps and splutters and tries to break away from his vicious attacker but it's no use. The attacker finishes him off, shaking his head violently with a final grip. He then touches the dead body, feeling his arms, hands and torso before finally moving on to touch his bare feet. The killer then drags the dead body away and props him in a chair to make it look like he is sleeping. The boyfriend of the victim enters, he asks him what's wrong and then he is attacked from behind and thrown to the bed. The attacker strangles him violently on the bed, the victim fights back and then pleads desperately. He cries and is brutally strangled, his cries unable to be heard as the gloved hands slowly crush his throat. He dies on the bed, his bare feet falling limp and with a final death rattle his eyes roll back and he dies. The killer toys with his body, lifting his arms and legs before leaving.

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