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Young Buck Skin Cowboy Arrows And Stabs An Outlaw Then Is Shot Himself


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One leather clad outlaw has just finished strangling the other and as he drops him to the ground, he turns to see a buckskin wearing cowboy with a bow and arrow a few feet away and he is taking aim at him! Releasing the arrow it buries itself deep in the leather lad's gut right about in the navel. Clutching at the slender shaft our handsome young victim winces with pain as he slowly sinks to his knees and the buckskin wearing archer comes in close to claim his prize. Holding the impaled cowboy by the back of his neck and grabbing the arrow and twisting it in our young victim's gut before yanking it free the killer begins to get some real pleasure out of giving this cowboy a slow and extremely painful death. Shuddering with pain the young man is stabbed repeatedly in the chest as the knife pierces his body again and again. Near the end of this strength, the cowboy gets a special sendoff as the archer turned slasher drives the blade deep into his back. Holding onto his victim as he slowly dies in his hand, the satisfied killer lets his prey tumble face down in the dirt and turns to leave. Unknown to him, the first victim has started to regain consciousness and grabs his gun. Taking aim at the buckskin cowboy, he cocks his pistol. The sound gets the cowboy's attention and he turns to see what is going on just in time to catch a bullet in his own gut, just bout matching the location of his arrow in the other cowboy. The mortally wounded shooter falls victim to his wounds leaving the buckskin cowboy clutching ht his own mortal wound, struggling to hold on just a bit longer but alas, he soon joins the other two victims in death as the three lay scattered out on the dirty, rocky trail in the hot afternoon sun.

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