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Young Teen is Captured Killed Many Times Then Stripped and Washed By KT

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KT lurks around a local university and spots a young and innocent looking student, he chloroforms the poor guy and drags him to the dorm where he tries to watch tv with he new and forced buddy, but he's unconscious and doesn't do much so he injects him a serum to wake him up, the teen comes around but he's weak and can't move, at the sight of the stranger he begs him not to hurt him, this wakes a primal instinct in KT which makes him raise his hands and wrap them around the teens slender neck and squeeze until the guy gets knocked out for the lack of oxygen, KT drags him, takes off his shirt and waits until the teen wakes up to merciless stab him in the gut, jamming and twisting the knife the teen suffers and dies, hes body is the stripped and washed in the bathtub by KT, who wants to have with the body later on, once clean he drags the body to his bed and rest for a while, but the teen springs back to life and jams a butcher knife into KT's low abdomen, KT moans and twitches as the knife cuts deep into his stomach while the teen pushes it more and more until KT dies. The teen then leaves with the thought that he is going to like this university....

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